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    boss finds 'unstoppable'

    Arsenal boss finds Chelsea 'unstoppable'

    's French manager Arsene Wenger says no one in the English Premier League will be able to catch league leaders

    Wenger told the British media that the rival London club, which won 9 matches out of 11 in the Premier League, seemed "unstoppable."

    "Look at the number of points they have today and if they keep that up nobody will touch them, that's for sure. Look at the season and are on course for 105 points," Wenger said.

    "It doesn't look like anybody is capable of challenging them at the moment," the London club's French manager added.

    With 29 points acquired in 11 matches, Chelsea are leading the league. They are four points ahead of their closest opponents Southampton. Meanwhile, Chelsea's London rivals , with only 17 points, are in 6th place.
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