UEFA assembles Team of the Year for 2017 – Fotomaç – 12 Ocak 2018
14 Aralık 2018, Cuma

assembles Team of the Year for 2017

UEFA assembles Team of the Year for 2017

Nearly 8.8 million votes by fans counted to select Europe's best 11 players last year

European football's governing body announced the 11 best players in Europe for 2017 on Thursday.

's official website announced the group, assembled in a fantasy Team of the Year, drawing on 8.8 million votes from fans worldwide.

The top 11 includes superstars like 's and 's .

Italian team ' legend was also selected for the team, with his teammate in the center-back spot.

Real Madrid's is also a center-back, along with his right-back teammate Marcelo.

Saint-Germain's Brazilian player was chosen by the fans for the right-back spot.

The team's midfielders include two more Real Madrid players, and .

The other midfielders are both Belgians from England's : Chelsea's Eden Hazard and 's Kevin de Bruyne.

As in previous years, Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi grabbed the forward spots to round out the fantasy team.

The country that cast the most votes for the team was India, with around 8 percent of the total votes, followed by Poland and Turkey with around 5 percent each.

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